Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lutley Wedge 16/10/11 07.30am-11.30am (11°c) Cool, cloudy with patchy low cloud and light rain/drizzle Wind (SW) F2/3

With the wind switching around to the SW and the bird rich easterlies disappearing as quickly as they arrived, it was a much quieter day today. Vis mig was not helped by low cloud closing in rapidly this morning followed by patchy light rain and drizzle. Migrant Thrush numbers are seemingly falling rapidly as migration tails off though 4 Brambling were seen with a ♂ dropping in along the Top Footpath, and another ♀/1st winter in a garden along Lutley Brook (P.Clement),  2 Common Snipe flew high West at 10.45am.
Visible Migration:-
2 Common Snipe➝W
4 Brambling (1➝W) (1➝N) (2 in)
357 Redwing (247➝S/SW) (77➝W) (4➝N) (9➝E/NE) (20 in) 
61 Fieldfare (27➝S/SW) (7➝W) (2➝E) (25 in)
9 Song Thrush (6➝S/SW) (1➝W) (2➝W in)
3 Blackbird➝W/SW
9 Thrush sp➝SW
14 Meadow Pipit (7➝S/SW) (7 in)
26 alba Wagtail (19➝S) (1➝W) (6 in)
100 Starling➝W
3 Redpoll sp (2➝SW)
11 Siskin (5➝S/SW) (4➝N) (1➝E) (1 in)
25 Goldfinch➝S
31 Chaffinch➝W

1 Red Admiral➝E/SE
First light 16/10/11

A brilliant sunrise through the fractus and the first 'Woodpigs' and Starling packs on the move. 
Song Thrush 'dropping out' 16/10/11

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Jason K said...

I couldnt get around my patch till the afternon yesterday due to other commitments. Things were painfully quiet by then craig, just small numbers of Skylark, Mpit and alba Wagtails moving through