Friday, 21 October 2011

Lutley Wedge 21/10/11 07.50am (8°c) Cool, cloudy overcast. Wind (SW) F2/3

A Rock Pipit flew over heading West at 11.00am (the first record at Lutley Wedge),  otherwise it was fairly quiet but with a trickle of Chaffinches flying over throughout, and including at least one Brambling heard early on. Cormorants were the other notable mover today with 5 flying through, along with a single Common Gull.
Visible Migration :-
1 Rock Pipit ➝W
103 Redwing (49➝S/SW) (5➝SE) (31➝W) (16➝N/NW) 
25 Fieldfare(9➝W/SW) (16➝S)
1 Brambling➝W
133 Chaffinch➝W
9 Siskin (4➝S/SE) (2➝E) (3➝N)
14 Meadow Pipit (8➝W/SW) (6 in)
2 alba Wagtail➝S (+25 Pied Wagtail in horse paddocks)
36 Goldfinch (28➝S)
31 Starling➝W (+125 Grange Barns) 
1 Common Gull➝SW
1 Herring Gull➝NW
5 Cormorant➝N/NE
Skies on fire! A stunning sunrise this morning 21/10/11

Fieldfare, Redwing and carbo's! 21/10/11


Jason K said...

Comgratualtions on your first Rock Pipit for thw wedge Craig.

Am I rightin thinking that you have recorded the species over Wassell Grove before?

Craig said...

No Jase, i had Water Pipit over the Wedge last year, bizarrely on exactly the same day! The 3rd week in Oct is obviously massive in the midlands for moving scarce Anthus!