Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lutley Wedge 31/05/11 1.00pm Sunny/scattered cloud

(1) Spotted Flycatcher at Wassell Grove Pools this afternoon, the first this spring. Also:-
(1) Sedge Warbler
(1) Garden Warbler
(2) Blackcap
(3+) Chiffchaff
(1) Common Whitethroat
(3) Swallow
(2) House Martin
(1) Swift

Friday, 6 May 2011

Lutley Wedge 06/05/11 (12°c) Bright with broken high cloud. Breezy (S) F2/3

With the wind finally switching around to the South and some cloud cover this morning a few migrants were grounded. A superb ♂ Whinchat was along the track to Wassell Grove Pools briefly first thing (the 3rd this spring), before flying over to the nearby horse paddocks, where it joined a ♀ Wheatear in the same field. Also 3 Yellow Wagtails flew over and a another Sedge Warbler and Garden Warbler were all new in overnight.
1 Whinchat
1 Wheatear
3 Yellow Wagtail
2 Sedge Warbler
2 Garden warbler
1 Lesser Whitethroat
7+ Common Whitethroat
11+ Swift
♂ Whinchat Lutley Wedge 6/5/11

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lutley Wedge 05/05/11 (19°c) Bright, sunny breezy. (SE) F2

A Yellow Wagtail flew over the Top Footpath this morning (SLC), and a vis mig oddity late this afternoon a single Cormorant that flew in from the SE and circled over Wassell Grove Pools gaining height before heading off very high to the North. There was also an increase in the number of Swifts seen.
1 Yellow Wagtail ➝E
1 Cormorant ➝N
25 Swift (10➝SW) (15➝N/NW)
7 Swallow (1➝N)
2 House Martin 
1 Sedge Warbler
1 Garden Warbler
Cormorant 5/5/11

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lutley Wedge 03/05/11 07.50am (6°c) Sunny, scattered high cloud. Breezy (E) F2/3

2 Lapwing flew over ➝ ENE at Wassell Grove Pools, but otherwise remains very quiet migration-wise. With the blocking E/NE winds still in place there was almost no vis mig this morning with only a single Swift seen.  

N.b Birding access at Wassell Grove Pools.
Can any birders visiting Wassell Grove pools please first call in at the fisheries cafe/office at the bottom of the pools track on arrival, just to let the fisheries owner Carl know that they are on site. Birders are more than welcome to birdwatch around the pools etc, but access to this site is only due to the goodwill of the fisheries owner.
Many thanks 

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lutley Wedge 01/05/11 (8°c) Sunny with scattered high cloud. Windy (NE)➝(E) F3/4

Lutley got in on the large overland Barwit movement of the last few days this morning, with a superb flock of (18) Bar-tailed Godwits flying high ➝ENE at Wassell Grove Pools at 07.46am (only the 2nd record at Lutley Wedge). Otherwise it was fairly quiet migration wise, in the strong and blustery Easterly wind with a trickle of Swifts moving through (the first this year)  and 2 Yellow Wagtails of note.
18 Bar-tailed Godwit ➝ENE
2 Yellow Wagtail ➝N
12 Swift ➝E/NE
9 Swallow (3➝NW)
1 Sand Martin ➝NE
7 House Martin (3 ➝N)
2 Sedge Warbler
1 Garden Warbler
1 Willow Warbler
Common Whitethroat
Swift 1/5/11

Sedge Warbler Wassell Grove Pools 1/5/11

Sedge Warbler 1/5/11