Friday, 14 October 2011

Lutley Wedge 14/10/11 07.20am-11.50am (12°c) Cool, grey and overcast skies (clearing to the W/NW later). Wind (E/SE) F2/3

After yesterdays big Thrush arrival, there were signs of heavy nocturnal migration last night with many calls of Redwing and also Song Thrush heard. On the patch Redwing and Fieldfare were moving through in numbers again this morning and also a few continental Blackbird and Song Thrush, the first Brambling this autumn flew over and there was some Westerly Starling and Skylark passage. A single Goosander flew through very high to the East at 08.10am and a couple of late Swallow were seen heading South.
Visible Migration:-
1 Goosander ➝E/SE
1 Lapwing ➝SW
2 Swallow ➝S
790 Redwing ➝S/SW (largest flocks of 40)
610 Fieldfare ➝S/SW (largest flocks 82, 85)
18 Song Thrush (16➝S/SW) (2➝SE)
4 Blackbird (3➝S) (1 in)
5 Brambling (2➝NW) (1➝W) (2 heard)
15 Chaffinch ➝W 
21 Redpoll sp (7➝W) (8➝S/SE) (2➝N) (1➝E) (3 in)
15 Siskin (14➝S/SE) (1➝N)
14 Goldfinch ➝S
264 Starling➝W/SW
15 Meadow Pipit (10 in) (3➝E) (2➝SW)
16 alba Wagtail ➝S
40 Skylark ➝W/SW
Dawn and a fiery sunrise under heavily overcast skies 14/10/11

High level 'Goose' heading East 14/10/11

High and low level 'Thrushage' 14/10/11

Some of the masses today! Fieldfare and Song Thrush 14/10/11

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