Saturday, 30 October 2010

Lutley Wedge 30/10/10 08.00am (7°c) Mostly clear skies with some scattered high cloud 2/8-5/8. Wind brisk S F3

Another 'Finch' day, saw the record autumn passage of Brambling at Lutley continuing with at least 14 flying through, and good numbers of Chaffinch again on the move west. Small flocks of Starling again headed West, 2 Ravens flew in over the Top Footpath heading off to the W/SW and frustratingly a Grey Anser Goose sp flew high and distant over the Top Footpath, but just too far away to make a positive i.d.

Visible migration 08.00-11.30am :-
14 Brambling >W/SW
103 Chaffinch >W/NW
1 Grey Goose Anser sp (probable Greylag) >WNW
20 Finch sp (Chaffinch/Brambling) >W/SW
2 Siskin (1>NNW) (1 >E)
2 Reed Bunting >W
9 Meadow Pipit (8 >W/SW) (1 >NW)
29 Redwing (23 >S/SW/W) (1 >NE) (5 in)
43 Fieldfare (34 >W/SW) (7 >S/SE) (2 in)
1 Song Thrush >N
2 Blackbird (1>SW) (1 >NW)
577 Starling >W
369 Wood Pigeon >S/SW 
2 Ravens >WSW
15 Pied Wagtail
20+ Linnet
10 Goldfinch
Pre-sunrise Lutley Wedge 30/10/10

Brambling heading west Lutley Wedge 30/10/10

Fieldfare Lutley Wedge 30/10/10

Raven Lutley Wedge 30/10/10

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