Sunday, 31 October 2010

Lutley Wedge 31/10/10 07.15am (9°c) Grey and overcast with low cloud 8/8. Wind E F2-3

Heavily overcast skies and low cloud seemed to suppress a lot of visible migration this morning, though Thrushes (mostly Redwing) appeared to be arriving and 'dropping out' late morning into the hedgerows due to the overcast skies.

Visible Migration 07.15-11.15am :-
142 Redwing (37 >S/SW) (17 >WSW) (5 >E) (3 >NW) (77 >in)
26 Fieldfare (17 >S/SW) (1 >NE) (8 >in)
4 Song Thrush (1> S) (2 >ESE) (1 >in)
3 Blackbird >in
5 Brambling
39 Chaffinch (28 >W/SW) (11 >WNW)
18 Siskin (8 >S/SSW) (3 >NW) (8 >in)
1 Reed Bunting >SW
467 Starling (75 >SW) (392 >W) 
36 Wood Pigeon >S/SW
8 Meadow Pipit
12 Skylark
80+ Linnet 
Redwing 31/10/10

Skylark 31/10/10

I managed to get a reasonable recording of Song Thrush flight call today. The call is a very quiet and sharp 'sip' and can almost be 'subliminal' i think when you here it from migrating birds, though it still seems to carry for some distance even from high flying birds if you have sharp hearing that is! 
Song Thrush Sonogram of flight call Lutley Wedge 31/10/10

Song Thrush Flight Call Lutley Wedge 31/10/10

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