Thursday, 28 October 2010

Lutley Wedge 28/10/10 (10°c) Bright with High Cloud/overcast later a.m Wind SW F3/4

An excellent day of visible migration!  Highlight was a Red Kite (possibly the same bird seen on 16/10/10?) which flew West mobbed by 4 Jackdaws at 09.10am. There were good numbers of Chaffinch arriving from the east through the morning, and involved with the same movement an influx of Brambling with at least 18 birds heading West. Other highlights were 2 Bullfinch flying through high to the NE then E (possible 'northern race'? Or more likely dispersing British Ssp pileata?!) and 4 Golden Plover that flew West at 09.24am.
'The trill has gone!' Sadly this morning as yesterday and every morning since the invasion began, every Starling/Waxwing shaped shape was just that, a Starling! And not a Waxwing! Still it's early days, as far as the Midlands and invading Waxwings goes so plenty of time yet.  And as for the insane time and effort i've put in on the patch for a flyover 'Lapbunt' this autumn to probably no avail, we better not go there! 

Visible Migration 08.00am-12.00pm :-
1 Red Kite >W
4 Golden Plover >W
135 Redwing (92 >S/SW/W) (10 >E/SE)
115 Fieldfare (96 >W/SW) (19 >S)
3 Song Thrush >N/NW
3 Meadow Pipit >SW
18+ Brambling >W/SW
139 Chaffinch >W/NW
2 Redpoll sp >S
9 Siskin (3 >N in) (5 >E) (1 >S)
15 Goldfinch >S
2 Bullfinch >NE/E
1 Reed Bunting >NW
2 Skylark >W
156 Starling >W
103 Jackdaw >E/NE
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker >N
20 Pied Wagtail
1 Common Buzzard
1 Sparrowhawk

Red Kite Lutley Wedge 28/10/10 (The 2nd sighting this autumn)

Male Brambling Lutley Wedge 28/10/10

 Fieldfare and Bullfinch Lutley Wedge 28/10/10

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