Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lutley Wedge 07/10/10 07.20am (10°c) Grey and overcast, Misty with low cloud 7/8-8/8 Wind S/SE 2

Early mist and low cloud meant it was a slow and frustrating start this morning, but there was a small movement of Redwing between 09.40-10.40am with 14 flying over during the cloudy/misty conditions, and Finches, mainly high Chaffinch were still moving with lots of birds heard only, and seemingly passing out of sight above the low cloud. Meadow Pipits and alba Wagtails continued to trickle through even during the poor visibilty, but once the cloud had cleared and lifted later on Meadow Pipits started coming through in better numbers, and were still trickling through at 12.20pm when i finished the watch. Hirundine's continue to get scarcer with only a single House Martin and Swallow heading South and todays will no doubt be some of the last, as they have mostly left by the middle of October. 

Visible Migration 07.20am-12.20pm :-
1 House Martin >S (S.L.C)
5 Swallow (1 >S)
14 Redwing (8 >SE) (2 >NE) (1 >W) (3 >WSW) 
1 Song Thrush >ESE
1 Thrush sp >SE (Redwing/Song Thrush)
187 Meadow Pipit >S/SW
18 alba Wagtail (9 >S/SW)
1 Grey Wagtail >S
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker >ENE 
14 Siskin >S
1 Redpoll sp >S
63 Goldfinch 
79 Linnet (18 >W/NW) (13 >S)
82 Chaffinch
1 Reed Bunting >S(in) then >W
35 Starling >W
15 B.H.Gull >W/SW
10 L.B.B.Gull 
2 Raven >SE

Sunrise through low cloud Lutley Wedge 07/10/10

Late Swallow heading South Lutley Wedge 7/10/10

Redwing and Siskin Lutley Wedge 7/10/10

High 'pack' of 24 Starling heading >West Lutley Wedge 7/10/10
 (and even higher single Chaffinch crossing >NW!)

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Jason K said...

It was a good day for movement today Craig. I had reasonable numbers of Meadow pipits heading SW. I'm also tending to get movements of Skylarks heading mainly South. No hirrundines over Shenstone for more than a week now.