Saturday, 9 October 2010

Lutley Wedge 09/10/10 07.25am (13°c) Windy, grey and overcast 8/8, misty with low cloud Wind E/ENE F3-4

The strong E/NE wind combined with low cloud and mist made for difficult birding conditions this morning, and even though there appeared to be plenty of birds on the move, seeing them was a different matter! Most birds were picked up on flight calls and many were no doubt missed as they were either passing over too high up, in or above the extensive low cloud. Redwings and Song Thrush were only seen in small numbers, with the largest flock of 17 Redwing flying through >SSW at 11.04am and were seen to halt their migration and 'drop out'. After the large fall of migrants along the East coast yesterday and overnight, it seems as if most birds were grounded on the coast by the low cloud and drizzle, rather than continuing straight over the coast and inland. This perhaps explains the relatively low counts of Redwing and other migrants from inland Midland migration sites today. With the winds forecasted to stay firmly in the East/Northeast again tonight and tommorow and with clearing skies further east, visible migration may be better tomorrow. As long as the fog and mist doesn't descend again!

Visible Migration 07.25-11.25am
35 Redwing (31 >S/SW) (4 >N)
9 Song Thrush >S/SW
9 Lapwing >E/SE
1 Common Snipe >E
1 Juv Peregrine >E
2 Swallow >SW
25 Meadow Pipit >S
14 alba Wagtail (11 >S/SW)
8 Siskin >S
12 Goldfinch
32 Chaffinch
100+ Linnet
1 Reed Bunting >W
63 Starling >W

Lapwing Lutley Wedge 9/10/10

 Redwing flock heading >SSW Lutley Wedge 9/10/10 

Juvenile Peregrine and Linnet flock Lutley Wedge 9/10/10

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