Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lutley Wedge 05/10/10 07.20am (12°c) Cloudy/overcast with patchy low cloud 7/8-8/8 Wind S F3

A real sign of the changing season this morning, with departing Hirundines and arriving winter Thrushes and Finches. Highlight was the first Brambling of the autumn with at least 3 birds flying through, with one flying over as a 'pulse' of 10 Redwings and 7 Swallows flew through! (This is a new earliest arrival date for Brambling at Lutley Wedge with the previous earliest on 13/10/2008). 2 Coal Tits 'dropped out' into the hedgerow along the Top Footpath briefly, before flying off high to the SE. 

Visible Migration 07.20-10.50am :-
47 Meadow Pipit >S/SW
46 alba Wagtail (37 >S/SW/SE)
1 Chiffchaff
64 House Martin >S/SSW
19 Swallow >S/SW
8 Skylark >W
27 Redwing (4 >W) (17 >SW) (6 >SE)
3 Song Thrush (2 >SW) (1> SE)
2 Thrush sp >NE (Redwing/Song Thrush)
3+ Brambling >S/SW
46 Chaffinch 
3 Redpoll sp >S
2 Siskin
31 Goldfinch (22 >S) (9 >E)
154 Linnet (flocks of 43 Grange Barns and 80+ Wassell Grove Pools)
78 Starling >W
10+ Lapwing >SW
2 Coal Tit >SE
23 B.H.Gull >S/SW/W
2 Raven >SE

Brambling Lutley Wedge 5/10/10


Fleetwood Birder said...

Stonking Brambling shot!

Jason K said...

Great Brambling record Craig. Is this the earliest you have picked them up on autumn passage?