Thursday, 23 September 2010

Lutley Wedge 'Blast from the Past' Wryneck 20/8/2001

In the absence of any patch news today, i've dug out a historic photograph of Lutley Wedge's first record of Wryneck from 2001, which i found sunning itself in an elderberry at Foxcote pond on 20th August. This was the first sighting in the West Midlands county since 1995, and although the bird was an 'arch skulker' i managed to take just two photographs, before it flew to a nearby hedgerow and disappeared, never to be seen again.... How many i wonder, pass quietly through the Midlands every autumn and never get found? I only had to wait 9 years for my second patch Wryneck!..

Wryneck Lutley Wedge August 2001


Warren Baker said...

I've never even seen a wryneck - anywhere! A great find Craig.

Craig said...

Thanks Warren, certainly one of the best birds i've found over the years on my local patch, and goes to show that even the most landlocked inland site can still turn up good birds!