Sunday, 26 September 2010

Lutley Wedge 26/09/10 07.10am (5°c) Cold, clear skies early a.m 3/8 some cloud to N/E. Clouded over later a.m 8/8. Wind cold NW F1/2 - N3

A Visible migration watch this morning, saw a small influx of Redwings flying in from the SE and heading into the brisk NW wind during the first two hours of the watch. In total 11 flew through, with the first (4) Redwing >N at 07.17am followed by a further (2)(2) + (3) all heading >NW. A small number of Swallows trickled through also heading >NW into the wind. The first Siskin and Redpoll of the Autumn flew over, and a male Peregrine flew in high over the Top Footpath. The Peregrine 'stooped' and caught a small bird (possibly a Starling) before flying off high >NE, carrying and plucking it's prey in mid air!

Visible Migration 07.10am-11.40am :-
11 Redwing >N/NW
4 Mistle Thrush >S
66 Meadow Pipit >W/S/SW
12 alba Wagtail
35 Swallow (15 >W/NW)
2 Redpoll sp >SSE
1 Siskin >S 
10 Chaffinch >S/W
1M Peregrine >NE
2 Raven >S
27 B.H Gull >W
14 L.B.B Gull >W

'Waning gibbous' moon and Redwing flying >NW Lutley Wedge 26/9/10

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Warren Baker said...

Good to see the Redwing arriving, should be with me in the next couple of weeks.