Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lutley Wedge 22/09/10 07.20am (11°c) Bright, high cloud 8/8 Wind Calm/ENE1-S2

Slightly quieter migration wise this morning, but still good numbers of birds on the move first thing. The autumns first Redwing flew >SW at 07.30am (N.b 4 Redwings were also reported to the south, on Bredon Hill today) and good numbers of Hirundines again passed through to the SSW. There was an increase in the number of alba Wagtails moving, though numbers of Meadow Pipits appeared to be tailing off from previous days. Most passage seemed to have dried up by around 10.20am, with just a trickle of Mipits after that.

Visible Migration 07.20-10.20am:-
1 Redwing >SW
152 Swallow >S/SW
171 House Martin >S/SW
53+ Hirundine sp >SW
102 Meadow Pipit >S/SW
18 alba Wagtail >S/SW
5 Chiffchaff
1 Blackcap
1 Reed Bunting >N
8 Chaffinch >S/SW
2 Raven >SW/S

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