Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lutley Wedge 21/09/10 07.20am (10°c) Broken high cloud 6/8 some patchy mist/low cloud. (clearing to sun/scattered cloud later a.m) Wind Calm-S1

'Early mist' looking East Lutley Wedge 21/9/10

Wryneck flying >South Lutley Wedge 21/9/10

'Mipits' at high altitude! Lutley Wedge 21/9/10

Swallow 'checking' in flight Lutley Wedge 21/9/10

Undoubted highlight this morning was the Wryneck which flew over >South towards Clent at 09.00am, the 2nd sighting of Wryneck at Lutley Wedge. (The first Wryneck for the patch i also found, in August 2001). 
Swallows were surging through to the S/SW in good numbers, along with smaller numbers of Meadow pipits and House Martins, with some birds overflying very high up making counting difficult. Overall totals of birds flying through were probably much higher as some were no doubt missed. A late Willow Warbler was in the gardens at Grange Farm.

Visible Migration 0720-11.20am :-
1 Wryneck >S
338+ Swallow >S/SW
112+ House Martin >S/SW
178+ Meadow Pipit >S/SW
4 alba Wagtail >S/SW
1 Willow Warbler
2 Chiffchaff
4 Blackcap
1 Common Whitethroat

1 Red Admiral >SW


Jason K said...

Fantastic record Craig...it just shows how watching Vis mig can pay off.

Pam said...

Great news and photo of the Wryneck, Craig! Really pleased for you!
I had to travel to Clee Hill recently for my first Wryneck and then you go and get one on the doorstep.lol!!

Jonathan Hutchins said...

Hi Craig greetings from north Staffs. Saw you as a new regular on Trektellen. Much enjoying your blog, some superb photos and the Wryneck is quite amazing. Keep up the good work! This is only my second year vismigging and have become hooked even though the rewards could be said to be modest by comparison with coastal sites, but everything's relative. Fingers crossed for a Lap this weekend...
cheers, Jonathan (Black Bank regular)