Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lutley Wedge 16/09/10 07.10am (10°c) Cool+breezy with broken cloud 6/8 (Clouded over late a.m 8/8 with heavy rain showers/drizzle) Wind W2/3-NW3

Just one of the hundreds! Meadow Pipit heading >SW Lutley Wedge 16/9/10

Juvenile Peregrine Lutley Wedge 16/9/10

A record passage of Meadow Pipits over the patch today with approx 620 'mipits' flying through in 4.5 hours. Virtually all the movement was to the South and Southwest with a peak in passage between 10.10am and 11.10am when an incredible almost 200 an hour were passing through, and with only a slight drop off in the next hour with 174 between 11.10am-12.10pm. Numbers of birds seemed to tail off sharply after that with only 64 in the next half hour, until i gave up the watch at 12.40pm. The largest flocks/groups of birds were between 20-30 and birds were passing at all heights with some flocks very high overhead, meaning that the overall total passing may have been even higher due to some birds being missed. Also 1 juvenile Peregrine flew through low over the Top Footpath >SW at 08.50am and almost caught a feral Pigeon right in front of me, before flying off! 

Visible Migration 07.10am-12.40pm
620 Meadow Pipit >S/SW
6 alba Wagtail >S/SE/SW
1 Peregrine >SW
2 Raven >SW/N
3 Swallow
17 House Martin
2 Chiffchaff

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Warren Baker said...

Hi Craig,
There are more Mipits on my patch this Autumn than for some years now. 40+ today, They probably wont hang about though.

I enjoy your Viz migging reports :-) keep 'em comming