Sunday, 12 September 2010

Lutley Wedge 12/09/10 08.00am (10°c) Sunny, Clear skies 1/8 (Scattered cloud and showers later) Wind WNW 1/2-NW 2

Wheatear just about avoiding oncoming tractor Lutley Wedge 12/09/10

Wheatear Lutley Wedge 12/09/10

Great Spotted Woodpecker Lutley Wedge 12/09/10 (sadly probably just a local, rather than an irruptive Scandinavian!)

With high pressure building in from the west overnight, skies this morning were virtually cloud free first thing. Not suprisingly it was pretty quiet 'vis mig wise' in the fairly settled conditions, and what birds that did pass overhead were quite high up and difficult to pick out against the bright, clear sky overhead, most birds probably remaining unseen if not for flight calls! Small numbers of Meadow Pipits were again moving throughout the morning and a late Swift flew over. A Great Spotted Woodpecker was seen coming in from around 1/4 mile away flying south quite high over the Top Footpath, but hopes of a first ' vis mig Great Spot' were dashed when it dropped down into some dead trees near Grange Farm, indicating it was probably just a slightly adventurous local!
The incredible run of Wheatear sightings this autumn at Lutley continued, with 2 Wheatears seen in a ploughed field along the Top Footpath at 10.00am.

Visible Migration 08.00-12.00pm :-
2 Wheatear
41 Meadow Pipit 
1 alba Wagtail >S
1 Grey Wagtail >S
1 Swift
30 Swallow
23 House Martin
1 Chiffchaff
3 Blackcap
2 Raven >NW

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