Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lutley Wedge 18/09/10 07.20am (6°c) Cool, sunny with broken cloud 3/8. Wind W1-WNW2

Meadow pipits were continuing to push through this morning in good numbers with 110 in the first hour from 07.20-08.20am flying S/SW with numbers tailing off slowly after that, but birds were still flying over in small numbers at 11.00am. Also a few small groups of Swallows flew very low through to the S/SW early on.

Visible Migration 07.20-10.20am
245 Meadow Pipit >S/SW
6 alba Wagtail >S/SW
30 Swallow (26 >S/SW)
14 House Martin
2 Raven >SW
2 Chiffchaff

1 Red Admiral  >SSW

Meadow Pipit and Common Buzzard Lutley Wedge 18/9/10

'The sweet sound of vis mig!' Meadow Pipit flight call Lutley Wedge 18/9/10 
Meadow Pipit (flight call) by Lutley Birder

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Jason K said...

Nice recording Craig. I only had very small numbers of Meadow Pipit today compared to previous days...its all been a bit quiter.