Monday, 2 April 2012

Lutley Wedge 02/04/12 (4°c) Sunny, patchy cloud (clouded over from (N) later am)

Vis mig included a Curlew flying North over Wassell Grove Pools at 09.30am and some signs of raptor passage, with a Peregrine circling very high over Wassell Grove and sparring with a Common Buzzard and Raven before heading off to the N/NE. Also seen 2 ♂ Wheatears.  
1 Curlew ➝N
1 Peregrine ➝NNE
2 ♂ Wheatear
1 Swallow
1 Blackcap
3 Chiffchaff
6 Redwing ➝SE
14 Meadow Pipit ➝N
1 Siskin
Curlew 2/4/12

Peregrine with Buzzard and Raven 2/4/12

♂ Wheatear 2/4/12

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Jason K said...

Cracking flight shot of the Curlew Craig