Sunday, 1 April 2012

Lutley Wedge 01/04/12 (0°c/13°c) Sunny, clear. Wind Calm/Var F1

"Vis mig torquatus!"
A superb ♂ Ring Ouzel flew NW over Wassell Grove Pools at 09.05am, the first in Worcestershire this spring. Several flocks of Fieldfares also moved North through the morning.
1 ♂ Ring Ouzel ➝NW
1 Swallow
8+ Chiffchaff
4 ♂ Blackcap
32 Fieldfare ➝NE
2 Redwing
9 Meadow Pipit➝N
4 Siskin (2➝N) (2 in)
5 Raven (2➝S) (3➝N)
1 Cormorant ➝NW
♂ Ring Ouzel Wassell Grove Pools 1/4/12

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Jason K said...

Nice one on the fly over Ouzel Craig...a good set of flight shots too!