Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lutley Wedge 17/3/12 (7°c/13°c) Bright, broken high cloud clearing. Sunny spells later. Light F1 (SW) breeze

A brilliant morning on the local patch. A Red Kite came in low from the east at Wassell Grove Pools at 08.10am circling over the pools before drifting off WNW, and an incredibly early Swallow flew over, and was later relocated nearby at Wassell Grove Business Centre. This is the earliest ever Swallow arrival at Lutley Wedge, seven days earlier than in 2010/11 and the first in Worcestershire this spring. 3 Lapwing flew through heading E/SE and several high Starling packs flew east along with a flock of (28) Fieldfare. 
1 Red Kite ➝W/NW
1 Swallow (in)
3 Lapwing ➝ESE
16 Meadow Pipit (14➝N/NW) (1➝NE) (1➝SE)
29 Fieldfare (28➝E) (1 in)
93 Redwing (9➝NE) (84 in)
1 Song Thrush ➝N
113 Starling ➝E
25 Siskin (9➝S/SW) (16 in)
5 Redpoll sp (1➝N) (3➝SW)
8 Pied Wagtail
12 Lesser B.B Gull ➝N
7 B.H Gull ➝SSE
Red Kite Wassell Grove Pools 17/3/12

♂ Swallow Wassell Grove 17/3/12

 Lapwing 17/3/12


StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Nice Kite but the Swallow does it for me and soooo noisy - nice stuff, the patch is paying off - had 2 LRP's at Wilden today (Sun).

Laurie -

Jason K said...

What a great day Craig. Red Kite through and your first Swallow of the Spring!

P.s. cracking video footage of the Swallow chuntering away!