Friday, 16 March 2012

Lutley Wedge 16/03/12 (7°c) Cool, grey and overcast. Wind (SW) F2

"Zilpzalp, new in"
(2) Chiffchaff today, at Foxcote Pond and Lutley Brook (SLC) (the first this spring and the same arrival date as in 2011). Pretty poor vis mig wise in a brisk and cool SW breeze, with two flocks of Fieldfare heading North, a single Lapwing over, two Reed Bunting and small numbers of Meadow Pipit.
2 Chiffchaff
1 Lapwing (in➝ESE)
17 Meadow Pipit (10➝N/NW) (7➝W/SW)
33 Fieldfare ➝N
32 Redwing 
2 Reed Bunting (1➝W) (1➝NNW)
13 Siskin
3 Redpoll sp
5 Black-headed Gull ➝SE
5 Lesser Black-backed Gull➝W/SW
Chiffchaff 16/3/12

Chiffchaff sound recording and sonogram Lutley Wedge 16/3/12

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Jason K said...

Cracking sound recording Craig!

I'm gonna hit Shenstone today see what I can pick up