Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lutley Wedge 28/08/11 10.15am (15°c) Warm, sunny spells/scattered cloud. Breezy (W/NW) F3

(2) Wheatears (1 adult ♂, 1♀/1st winter) were in horse paddocks along Top Footpath. (SLC/CR). The ♂ Wheatear was interesting as it is the first adult ♂ i have recorded on autumn passage through Lutley Wedge, with all previous autumn records being of ♀/1st winter birds) 
Adult ♂ autumn Wheatear 28/8/11 
(Still showing vestiges of spring plumage, though with new pale-fringed primary/secondary flight feathers and tertials after post breeding moult)
♀/1st winter Wheatear 28/8/11

♂ Wheatear 28/8/11 

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