Monday, 27 June 2011

Lutley Wedge 27/06/11 12.00pm (30°c) Hot, humid and cloudy

The ♂ Reed Warbler was still singing on territory today along with a ♂ Sedge Warbler.
According to the BTO 'Migration Atlas' 2002 although Reed Warblers arrive back in southern Britain from mid April the spring migration is protracted and some do not leave Africa until early June, these late birds are unlikely to return to breeding grounds in western Europe until mid-June (Dowsett -Lemaire & Dowsett 1987). This possibly explains the June arrivals of Reed Warbler here on the patch in the last two years.
Reed Warbler 27/6/11 

Reed Warbler Lutley Wedge 27/6/11

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