Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lutley Wedge 26/06/11 12.00pm (27°c) Hot, sunny with some scattered cloud

The mid-summer patch birding 'doldrums' were livened up today with the discovery of a ♂ Reed Warbler singing this afternoon, and a welcome patch year tick. This is only the 6th record of this scarce migrant on the local patch, and was singing from exactly the same spot as a ♂ i found last year on the 16/6/10. Quite possibly the same un-paired bird returning again to set up territory.
Also seen:-
(12+) Common Swift
(4) Swallow
House Martin
(2) Blackcap
(2) Common Whitethroat
Reed Warbler 26/6/11

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Jason K said...

Nice one Craig...Reed Warbler would be a mega at Shenstone!