Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lutley Wedge 12/10/10 07.30am (9°c) Grey cloudy and overcast. Cold wind NE F2.

More Thrushes continued to fly through this morning with good numbers of Redwing again, with some flocks dropping into the hedgerows and trees briefly to rest and feed before continuing on. There was also an increase in Fieldfares with flocks of (4) (20), and a flock of (16) which flew over and spilled rapidly out of the sky, 'dropping out' to rest briefly, before continuing their migration again after 10 minutes and flying high SE. Cormorants continued to move with (1) seen circling for some time, gaining height before flying off West. A late Swallow was also seen flying North! 

Visible Migration 07.30-11.00am :-
880 Redwing 
40 Fieldfare (4 >WSW) (36 >SSE)
20 Song Thrush
58 Meadow Pipit >S
4 alba Wagtail >S/SW
1 Swallow >N
265 Starling >W
3 Skylark >W
6 Chaffinch >W
12 Siskin >S
2 Reed Bunting
1 Cormorant >W
35 Jackdaw > (27 >SW) (8 >SSE)
2 Grey Heron 

Also seen:- 110+ Linnet, 2 Common Buzzard, 1 Sparrowhawk.

Fieldfares spilling out of the sky. Lutley Wedge 12/10/10

Redwing flock Lutley Wedge 12/10/10 

Cormorant Lutley Wedge 12/10/10

'Also hunting migrants!' Male Sparrowhawk Lutley Wedge 12/10/10

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