Monday, 11 October 2010

Lutley Wedge 11/10/10 07.30am (9°c) Cloudy/overcast 7/8 clearing later. Wind NE F3

Redwings again flooded through to the south in the first hour or so after dawn but there was very little movement to the west as there was yesterday, other highlights included the first Fieldfare of the autumn, at least 2 Brambling flying through as well as 2 Golden Plover and a noticeable movement of Cormorant to the ESE and NNW. 

Visible Migration 07.30-11.30am :-
987 Redwing >S
1 Fieldfare >SE
33 Song Thrush
169 Meadow Pipit >S
6 alba Wagtail >S
1 Hirundine sp >SE
2 Brambling
4 Redpoll sp >S
10 Siskin >S
25 Goldfinch >S
2 Reed Bunting >S
9 Coromorant (5 >ESE) (4 >NNW)
2 Golden Plover >E
1 Raven >SE
128 Starling >W
48 Wood Pigeon >SSW
2 Canada Geese >W

Redwings heading south through dawn sky Lutley Wedge 11/10/10

Redwing Lutley Wedge 11/10/10

Cormorants heading ESE Lutley Wedge 11/10/10

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