Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lutley Wedge 15/10/13 (7°c) Mist and Fog 8/8 slowly clearing to low cloud. Wind (NW) F2/3

Extensive fog severely hampered vis mig first thing, but night migrants had obviously been grounded in the early hours before dawn, with a cracking ♂ Brambling (the first this autumn) calling repeatedly from the hedgerow nearby as I arrived and numerous Redwing contacts drifting out of the thick fog and mist. Redwing continued to push on regardless through the clag and murk mostly moving W/NW and there was an obvious influx/passage of Chaffinch along with the first signs of Continental Starling passage getting going. 

2 Brambling (1♂ in) (1➝WNW) (1st of the autumn)
2 Snipe (1➝WSW) (1➝E)
1 Peregrine ➝E
760 Redwing (610➝W/NW) (48➝S/SW) (77➝N) (11➝E/NE) (14 in) (flocks of 46, 50, 54, 56)
21 Fieldfare (20➝W/NW) (1➝S) 
6 Song Thrush (4➝W/NW) (1➝SW) (1 in)
3 Blackbird
1 Chiffchaff
24 Meadow Pipit (12➝S) (10➝W) (2➝NE)
4 alba Wagtail (3➝W) (1➝E)
1 Grey Wagtail ➝N
30 Skylark (14➝W)
1 Redpoll sp ➝SW
4 Siskin (3➝S) (1➝N)
1 Bullfinch ➝SSE then NW
18 Goldfinch
181+ Chaffinch (166➝W/NW) (15➝N)
1 Reed Bunting ➝NW
103 Starling➝W/NW
1 Common Gull ➝N
1 Herring Gull ➝W
35 B.H.Gull (31➝N/NW) (4➝W)
14 Canada Goose ➝NE
1 Raven ➝E
1♂ Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Redwing, Fieldfare and Redpoll sp 15/10/13

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