Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lutley Wedge 25/09/13 (13°c) Mist, fog and low cloud 8/8. Wind Calm/Var F1

"Will-o'-the-wisp" "Snipe on the move"

13 Snipe (12➝W) (1➝S) (flocks of 9 and 3)
1 Golden Plover ➝W
65 Meadow Pipit (34➝W) (23➝SW) (3➝S) (3➝E) (2 in)
2 Chiffchaff
1 Whitethroat
10 Swallow (8➝S) (2➝N)
1 Song Thrush➝SE (1st of the autumn)
6 Grey Wagtail (1➝SW) (3➝N) (2➝NE)
12 alba Wagtail (8➝SW) (1➝W) (3 in) 
6 Chaffinch (3➝S/SE) (2➝SW) (1➝N) 
19 Linnet (14➝W) 
7 Goldfinch➝NW
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker➝W
16 B.H.Gull (9➝NW) (6➝W) (1➝E) 
 26 L.B.B Gull (12➝E/SE) (10➝W) (2➝S) (2➝N)
Snipe 25/9/13 
The flock of (9) birds today is the 2nd largest flock of Snipe ever seen on the patch, with the largest flock of (15) occurring during a hard weather movement back in December 2009. 
Common Whitethroat 25/9/13 
The Whitethroat I managed to dig out today may well be one of the last on the patch this year, though the two latest departure dates at Lutley are on the 1st October 1998 & 2003.

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