Monday, 26 August 2013

Lutley Wedge 26/08/13 (14°c) Cloudy, overcast, low cloud. Wind (NE) F1

1 Hobby ➝E
1 Wheatear (♀/1st-w)
5 Tree Pipit (2➝S) (1➝WSW)  (2 in) 
5 flava Wagtail (2➝S) (1➝SW) (2➝NE)
80 House Martin
23 Swallow (3➝S)
4 Whitethroat
4 Blackcap
1 Chiffchaff
6 Duck sp ➝E
2 Herring Gull (1➝N) (1➝W)
15 L.B.B.Gull (6➝E/SE) 
3 B.H.Gull ➝W/SW

1 Red Admiral ➝SW
2 Silver Y
2 Migrant Hawker
Tree Pipit and Hobby 26/8/13

Silver Y 26/8/13
There has been a noticeable drop off in numbers of Silver Y moths in the last few days with only 2 seen today, presumably this is due to a southwards return migration as discovered in recent research. See Link below....

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