Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lutley Wedge 06/08/13 (9°c) Fine, sunny, scattered high cloud. Wind (W) F1

A  superb Little Egret flew over heading West at 08.07am. Only the second ever record for the local patch, with the first sighting over 10 years ago way back in April 2003! 
1 Little Egret ➝W
1 Crossbill 
2 Sand Martin ➝SW
25 House Martin
c56 Swift (32➝SW)
20 Swallow
3 Whitethroat
2 Chiffchaff
1 Cormorant ➝W
1 Grey Heron ➝E
1 Reed Bunting (in, then ➝W)
21 L.B.B Gull (4 ad,17 juv) (13➝S/SW) (3➝E/NE) (5➝W/NW)
4 Herring Gull (2 ad, 2 juv) ➝SW

22 Silver Y
1 Painted Lady
Little Egret 6/8/13 

Silver Y and Painted Lady 6/8/13 

1 comment:

Jason K said...

Nice one on the Egret Craig!

Still waiting to get one over Shenstone...One day!