Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lutley Wedge 23/03/12 (0°c) (-5°c windchill) (18 cm/4ft drifts) Snow, overcast (ENE) F4/5

"Reverse migration!"
Atrocious weather conditions today with sub zero temperatures, drifting snow and a biting ENE wind, hardly early spring! A Merlin heading SSE at 10.40am was the first patch record for over two years, and a ♀ Stonechat flew high south at 11.14am.  
1 Merlin ➝SSE
1 ♀ Stonechat ➝S
5 Meadow Pipit (1➝ESE) (1➝W) (2 in)
29 Fieldfare (26➝S/SW) (3 in)
20 Redwing (8➝S) (3➝N) (7 in)
11 Siskin (8 in) (3➝S)
1 Herring Gull ➝NE
Merlin 23/3/12 (the first record since 2010)

High level and southbound! ♀ Stonechat 23/3/13  (reverse migration in action and vis mig gold!)

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Jason K said...

Well done on the Merlin Craig...always great patch birds to see!