Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Lutley Wedge 16/01/13 (-2.5°c) Freezing, (-3.4°c) overnight. Frost, misty/low cloud (E-ENE) F1

Sub-zero temperatures overnight and more cold weather movements, with a redhead Goosander heading WSW at 12.00pm, 9 Lapwing and a noticeable influx of Redwing.
1 ♀/1st winter Goosander ➝WSW
9 Lapwing ➝W (in)
113+ Redwing
2 Fieldfare
1 Song Thrush
1 Siskin
1 Raven 
14 L.B.B Gull ➝NW
♀/1st winter Goosander 16/1/13

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