Thursday, 13 December 2012

Lutley Wedge 13/12/12 (-4°c) Freezing, overcast. Light F2 (E/SE) breeze

"Escape movements"
Three days of freezing conditions with daytime temperatures not rising above 0°c and overnight dropping as low as -7°c, finally induced some excellent cold weather movements of waders over the patch today from 09.50am.
(155) Lapwing, (70) Golden Plover and (2) Snipe flew over in c3.5 hours with Lapwing mainly moving West and Golden Plover heading South/SW.

155 Lapwing (144➝W) (11➝S/SW) (largest flocks 32, 27 and 24)
70 Golden Plover (56➝S) (14➝SW) (flocks of 8, 40, 8 and 14)
2 Snipe ➝E
10 Fieldfare (6➝W)
6 Redwing
42 Skylark
7 Herring Gull ➝E/SE
7 Siskin 
Golden Plover and Snipe 13/12/12

Lapwing 13/12/12

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