Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lutley Wedge 24/10/12 (11°c) Low cloud, mist and drizzle. Wind (NE) F3/4

A much quieter day for migration in an increasing F3-F4 NE wind and with the blocking low cloud and drizzle still in place. A Common Gull flew through heading south, only the second sighting on the patch this year and a single Brambling flew over. 
Visible migration:-
1 Brambling ➝SSE
60 Redwing (47➝N) (11➝S/SW)
23 Fieldfare (10➝SW) (13 in)
1 Common Gull ➝S
118 Starling➝W
7 Meadow Pipit➝S/SE
100+ Chaffinch

Brambling sound recording and sonogram 24/10/12

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