Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lutley Wedge 21/10/12 (5°c) Fog, clearing late a.m. Wind light (NE) F1

"Invis mig!"
Thick fog at dawn meant signs of migration were limited to a few Redwing and Song Thrush contact calls drifting down out of the clag early on. There was a small movement of Meadow Pipit as the fog lifted and visibility improved around 10.30am including a flock of (19) high to the South and (2) Golden Plover flew through very high to the SSW at 11.05am. Still no sign of any Fieldfare.
2 Golden Plover➝SSW
10 Redwing (2➝S in) 
5 Song Thrush (3➝NE)
1 Blackbird 
46 Meadow Pipit (40➝S/SW) (2➝W)
1 alba Wagtail➝S
1 Redpoll sp➝S/SW
150 Starling
40 Linnet

Redwing recording and sonogram Lutley Wedge 21/10/12

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