Monday, 27 August 2012

Lutley Wedge 27/08/12 (13°c) Grey overcast and breezy (light rain later am) Wind (SSE➝S) F2/3

"Tripits on the move in a big way!"
A change of wind direction to the SSE and heavily overcast skies this morning. Vis mig kicked in with (9) Tree Pipits flying over in 3 hours between 6.40am-9.40am (a new record day count at Lutley), also 2 Yellow Wagtail flew through SW.
9 Tree Pipit  (6➝S/SW) (1➝ESE) (2 in, then 1➝S and 1➝ESE)
2 flava Wagtail ➝SW
39 Swallow (9➝S/SW) (26➝W)
43 House Martin (27➝S/SE)
30 Swift (6➝SW) (20➝WSW)

"Dropping out..."

Tree Pipit Lutley Wedge 27/8/12

The sweet sound of vis mig! Tree Pipit sonograms and sound recordings Lutley Wedge 27/8/12.....


Jason K said...

Great post Craig. I will have to do an earlier one and try and pick up some flyover Tree Pipits.

Although I dont think there is much chance of me doing that tomorrow after tonights planned meeting of the Lutley and Shenstone local patch bloggers society!

The Urban Birder said...

Fascinating stuff. I'm getting very little through the skies at The Scrubs though we did register a little movement from Tower 42.