Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Lutley Wedge 02/05/12 (8°c) Grey and misty. Wind (N) F2

"Rouzel and flava's"
Ideal fall conditions this morning as an occluded front moving south over the UK brought grey and misty conditions first thing. The highlight was a stunning ♂ Ring Ouzel at Wassell Grove Pools the second on the patch this spring, also grounded were (2) ♀ Whinchats, (9) Wheatear including a ♂ Greenland type and a ♂ Redstart. At least (19) Yellow Wagtails flew over (a new record day count at Lutley Wedge) with some 'dropping out' into the horse paddocks and fields of oilseed rape. The first Garden Warbler, Sedge Warbler, and (2) Lesser Whitethroats were all new in and a single Tree Pipit also flew over. 
1♂ Ring Ouzel (Wassell Grove Pools)
2♀ Whinchat (nr Wassell Grove Pools)
9 Wheatear (4♂5♀) (including 1♂ Greenland type)
1♂ Redstart (Top Footpath) (SLC)
1 Tree Pipit ➝N
19 flava Wagtail (9➝W/NW) (4 in) (1➝N) (1➝ENE) (1➝SE)
1♂ Sedge Warbler
1♂ Garden Warbler
2♂ Lesser Whitethroat
2 Whitethroat
1 Sand Martin ➝N
19 Swallow 
14 House Martin
3 Swift
1 Curlew ➝NW
♂ Ring Ouzel Wassell Grove Pools 2/5/12 

Yellow Wagtails 2/5/12 

♀ Whinchat 2/5/12

Wheatears 2/5/12

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