Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lutley Wedge 18/04/12 (8°c) Cloudy, overcast with rain/showers. Wind (SE)➝(ESE) F2/3

"Vis mig nirvana as an Osprey graces the patch" "Get in!!"
A stunning Osprey flew in from the SW at Wassell Grove Pools at 1.00pm, circling over the pools for several minutes and gaining height before heading off high to the North. Also the first House Martin this spring flew through.
1 Osprey➝N
1 House Martin➝N (SLC)
5 Swallow
Osprey Wassell Grove Pools 18/4/12 (only the 5th record at Lutley Wedge & first since 2009)


Keith (Boatbirder) said...

"Get In" Indeed! Great find and photo to match! Love the way your blog is set up Craig, keep up the good work.



Jason K said...

Well done on the Osprey deserved it ;-)

Seriously though, you have had a great few patch day's since you got pack and birds like the Osprey are just rewards for all the hours you put in where you get nothing.

pabs said...

Well done Craig. Looks like some Arctic Skuas are heading your way from the Severn Estuary, keep an eye out! Paul

Pam said...

Splendid news Craig and splendid images! Well done!

Phil Benstead said...

Nice one Graig!