Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lutley Wedge 27/03/12 (3°c/19°c) Sunny, clear. Light (E) breeze F1

"High finch action"
Highlights included the first (2) ♂ Blackcaps on the patch this spring at Wassell Grove pools, and a challenging flock of (4) probable Crossbill that flew over very high North. Sadly the birds were just too high to pick up any diagnostic flight calls, but the jizz and the few snatched record shots I managed look good for Crossbill. 
4 (prob) Common Crossbill➝N
1 Lapwing➝NW
1 Cormorant➝W
12 Fieldfare (11➝N) (1 in)
5 Redwing
2 Redpoll sp
1 Siskin➝NNE
1 Swallow
2 Blackcap
7+ Chiffchaff
7 Raven➝N
Massively cropped and at extreme altitude! Probable 'cone muncher' North 

Raven 27/3/12 one of the flock of 7 on the move!

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Jason K said...

Ha...'Cone Muncher'...I like it.

I will have to file that away for future use.