Saturday, 10 March 2012

Lutley Wedge 10/03/12 (7°c/15°c) Sunny, broken high cloud (clouding over later am) Wind (SW-WNW) F1/3

"Finches feature"
A flock of (5) Common Crossbill flew high over Wassell Grove heading North at 10.20am, and a Peregrine and Lapwing flew over at Wassell Grove Pools.

Visible Migration:-
5 Common Crossbill ➝N
1 Peregrine ➝NE
1 Lapwing ➝WNW
57 Siskin (46➝W/NW) (6➝N) (3➝S)
3 Redpoll sp (2➝S)
17 Meadow Pipit (1➝N)

130 Redwing + 1 Fieldfare (Wassell Grove Pools) (several Redwing heard singing, and lots of noisy sub-song from the flock around the pools, see 18/3/12)
30 Linnet
Common Crossbill and Lapwing 10/3/12

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