Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lutley Wedge 28/12/11 12.00pm (7°c) Cool and breezy.

'Red-listed local patch mega!'

(3) Marsh Tits Lutley Wedge (CR).

The first confirmed record of Marsh Tit at Lutley Wedge was as recently as 16/3/11, followed by (1) on 27/12/11 (both SLC).
Marsh Tit sadly has become a very rare species within the West Midlands, and is now a Category A description species with only a handful of records most years from the county. At a UK level the picture is not any better and it is on the Red-list as a species of conservation concern due to more than a 50% decline in numbers in the last 25 years. This makes the monitoring of this very small and surely vulnerable population of Marsh Tits 'clinging on' here at Lutley even more important in my view.

Marsh Tit 28/12/11 sound recordings/sonograms 

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