Friday, 10 February 2012

Lutley Wedge 10/02/12 10.10am (0°c ) Cold and overcast with low cloud. (sleet and light snow showers overnight) Wind (SE) F2

Good numbers of Fieldfare around again including a flock of (125) heading west, but otherwise pretty quiet.
263 Fieldfare (135➝W) (33➝N/NW)
4 Redwing
70 Skylark
2 Siskin ➝SE
19 Yellowhammer

Just 'off patch' a Peregrine flew over my garden in Halesowen heading SSE, (probably the same Peregrine that has been seen hunting around Lutley Wedge between 2/2/12 - 6/2/12).
Peregrine 10/2/12 Halesowen, West Mids

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