Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lutley Wedge 02/02/12 09.55am (-1°c ) V.Cold with hard frost (-3°c overnight) Overcast. Light (NE) breeze (-3°c windchill)

Even colder today on the patch, and more hard weather bird movements. 6 Golden Plover flew through very high to the S/SW at 11.30am, and there was an obvious influx and W/SW movement of Fieldfare. (An arrival of Fieldfare was also seen at Holme, on the North Norfolk coast, 450 today). A Peregrine was seen circling over Lutley brook.
6 Golden Plover ➝S/SW
352 Fieldfare ➝W/SW (largest flocks 75, 60)
1 Peregrine (SLC) 
13 Redwing
2 Raven ➝N
45 Skylark 
Golden Plover 2/2/12

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