Monday, 3 October 2011

Lutley Wedge 03/10/11 07.20am-09.50am (16°c) Mild and overcast. Wind (S/SW) F2/3

Meadow Pipits and alba Wagtails were again the main movers this morning. Siskin numbers have dropped off dramatically in the last few days, but there were the first signs of some East➝West Chaffinch passage with small numbers flying through high. 
Visible migration:-
1 Swallow ➝S
214 Meadow Pipit ➝S/SW  largest flocks of (20) (14) (11) (10)+(10)
53 alba Wagtails ➝S  largest flock of (12)+(10)
3 Song Thrush (1 in)
5 Siskin (3➝S/SW) (2➝W)
47 Goldfinch (28➝S)
15 Chaffinch ➝W
35 Canada Geese (20➝SE) (15➝W)

'The sweet sound of vis mig!' Meadow Pipit (flight call and sonogram) 3/10/11

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Jason K said...

nice sound recording of migrating mipit Craig...not an easy sound capture.

Incidently, what software do you use to do the actual pictoral representations of the sonograms?