Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lutley Wedge 26/10/11 08.00am (5°c) Cool, clear skies and patchy high cloud (S/SE) F2

'The late late show!'
(1) House Martin flew over the Top Footpath/Grange Farm (a new latest date for Lutley Wedge, the previous latest date was way back on 23/10/2006).  Thrush numbers were down but there was a notable movement of Meadow Pipit, with (38) heading South, a good count for late October.
Visible migration:-
1 House Martin➝S/SE
46 Meadow Pipit (38➝S)
49 Redwing (45➝S/SW) (4➝E)
29 Fieldfare (25➝S/SW) (4➝SE)
4 Song Thrush (2➝W/SW) (2 in)
5 alba Wagtail➝S
129 Starling➝W/SW
2 Bullfinch➝S
3 Siskin (2➝S/SE)
10 Redpoll sp➝S/SE
House Martin 26/10/11 
(The latest date for House Martin at Lutley Wedge in 16 years of recording!)

Redwing and Meadow Pipit 26/10/11

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Jason K said...

That's an amzing late date for House Martin on your patch Craig!