Saturday, 24 September 2011

Lutley Wedge 24/09/11 07.15am (11°c) Cloudy, overcast with patchy low cloud. Wind (S) F2/3

The patchy low cloud and overcast conditions first thing, combined with a stiff Southerly wind definitely suppressed a lot of migration with much smaller numbers of Mipits struggling through than yesterday. The numbers of Siskin moving increased though with the largest flock so far this autumn (13) flying through.

Visible Migration:-
123 Meadow Pipit ➝S/SW
75 Swallow ➝S/SW
33 House Martin ➝S/SW
17 alba Wagtail ➝S/SW
1 Grey Wagtail ➝W
25 Siskin (23➝S/SW) (2➝E)
1 Redpoll sp ➝N
11 Chaffinch ➝S/SW
1 Raven ➝NE
Swalllows 24/9/11

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