Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lutley Wedge 18/08/11 07.00am (10°c) Overcast with high cloud. Wind Light VAR (N/NE) F1

More visible migration this morning and more typical mid August fare with a trickle of Yellow Wagtails and Tree Pipits flying over in the still conditions. The only noticeable grounded migrant was a Willow Warbler that dropped in briefly at my vis mig watchpoint along Top Footpath, before quickly moving on. (2) Hobbies flew East over Grange Barns followed by another Hobby later on over Wassell Grove Pools, that flew NE towards Grange Farm.
3 Hobby (2➝E) (1➝E/NE)
2 Tree Pipit ➝S/SW
3 Yellow Wagtail➝SW
1 Willow Warbler 
2 Chiffchaff
4 Common Whitethroat
3 Blackcap
21 House Martin (20➝E) (1➝SW)
1 Swallow ➝S
1 Grey Heron➝N
Willow Warbler Lutley Wedge 18/8/11

Willow Warbler (call and sonogram) Lutley Wedge 18/8/11


StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Craig - slightly off-topic, how do you embed your SoundCloud player directly into Blogger? I can only seem to embed the link which then takes you directly to SoundCloud which brings up he relevant sound but obviously not on the blog which is what i would prefer, similar to your appearance.


Laurie -

Craig said...

You need to upload and share your sound recording to Soundcloud first, then there is an option to share the uploaded sound to Blogger,etc. Just click the Blogger icon.
Hope this helps Laurie.

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Cheers Craig, will give that a go - you're getting some nice movement up at Lutley must be something to do with the height you are at as well as a reasonable range of habitat - superb record of the double Knot!

Laurie -