Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lutley Wedge 06/04/11 08.00am (12°c) Grey and overcast/patchy mist and low cloud clearing to warm sun. Breezy (SW) F3

Visible migration this morning included increasing numbers of Swallows moving through at Wassell Grove Pools, and the recent good run of Sand Martin sightings continued with 9 flying over. Elsewhere (1)♀ Wheatear was along the Top Footpath early morning (SLC), before flying off high ➝WSW at 11.55am. Probably the same ♀ Wheatear was then relocated in a horse paddock near Foxcote House Farm late evening.
Visible Migration/migrant totals:-
1 Wheatear 
12 Swallow (10➝N)
9 Sand Martin (2➝S/SW) (4➝WSW) (3➝N/NW) 
33 Meadow Pipit (32➝N) (1➝S)
2 Redpoll sp ➝W
6+ Chiffchaff
5 Blackcap
Sand Martin Wassell Grove Pools 6/4/11

Wheatear 6/4/11
(in flight Wheatears show a characteristic long-winged/short-tailed outline, useful for picking out high flying migrants)

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