Friday, 25 March 2011

Lutley Wedge 25/03/11 07.30am (5°c) Sun and patchy high cloud. V.light breeze E/SE F1

A small fall of (3) Wheatears this morning (1♀ Wassell Grove Pools) (1♂1♀ near Foxcote). Interestingly the ♀ Wheatear in the horse paddock at Wassell Grove Pools, was seen collecting a beak full of horse hair off the ground, obviously the urge to begin nest building is strong! (1)♂ Swallow again at Wassell Grove Pools  and nearby at the Business Centre, whilst
(40+) Meadow Pipits were still near Wassell Grove, and (4) Chiffchaffs were singing at various locations around the patch.
Visible Migration :-
2 Lapwing (1➝SW) (1 ➝SE)
8 Brambling ➝SE
3 Redpoll sp (2➝N)
3 Goldfinch ➝NE
7 Fieldfare ➝SW
26+ Meadow Pipit➝N
2 alba Wagtail (1➝N) (1➝SW)
2 B.H.Gull ➝N
♂ Wheatear 25/3/11


Warren Baker said...

Nice Wheatear shot Craig. They really are photogenic birds :-)

Kah-Wai Lin said...

Nice shot!

Jason K said...

Stunning male Wheatear send some 10 miles down the road to Shenstone!