Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Lutley Wedge 08/02/11 12.55pm (8°c) Sunny, Clear skies and scattered high cloud. Brisk SE Wind

The undoubted highlight today was a superb flock of 50+ Waxwings i found at 2.50pm 'flycatching' from the top of an Ash tree on Brookwillow Rd/Rosemary Rd Halesowen, right on the border of the Lutley Wedge recording area and alongside Lutley Brook.
At Wassell Grove Pools 2 Ravens flew over heading South towards Clent, 10+ Redwings and 5 Fieldfares were in the horse paddocks and a flock of around 60+ Redwings also flew over with some dropping out into the hedgerows, (at least one of the Redwing was heard singing snatches of full song amongst lots of noisy sub-song) Also seen 2 Siskin and 1 Redpoll sp. 
Waxwing  8/2/11
'Off after another fly!' 8/2/11


Jason K said...

Halesowen certainly seems to have been a Waxwing magnet this winter Craig

Jason K said...

Stunning photos by the way.

Adam Pinnell said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!